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About Us

Nanjing Xiancheng Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd

Approved by Jiangsu government in January, 2001, Dimethyl Sulfate supplier--Nanjing Xiancheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd was founded on the basis of strong R&D ability and advanced production equipments

At present, Nanjing Xiancheng is a leading and professional manufacturer specializing in the production and development of thio chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, mainly produce dimethyl disulfide, dimethyl sulfate, methanesulfonic acid, methanesulfonyl chloride, etc.. Covering an area of 200,000sqm, we now have 300 employees, 50 of them are technicians, and 35 have the college education background. Nanjing Xiancheng has CNY 470 million of assets, and CNY 142 million of net assets....

Since the foundation of the company, it has developed and put into production of various products as:

  • Dimethyl Disulfide
  • Methane Sulfonyl Chloride
  • Inhibitor DNBP (4.6-dinitro -2-- sec-butyl phenol)
  • inhibitor DNPC
  • inhibitor TBC (tert-butyl catechol)
  • efficient inhibitor PI-70
  • antioxidants DBEP (2.6-di-tert-butyl - ethyl phenol
  • antioxidant BHT (2.6-di-tert-butyl - p-cresol)
  • Nanjing Xiancheng is not only the major qualified supplier of SINOPEC and PETRO CHINA, but also exports to many countries, establishing long term business relationship with the clients from Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and US. Our company is active in the seeking of support and cooperation with friends from all walks. Welcome to our company!