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1. Which field can Dimethyl Disulfide be used in?
DMDS is used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Oil refining: Optimal maintenance of production units. DMDS is used in oil refineries as a sulfiding / presulfiding agent to activate the catalysts of hydrotreating units. This is an indispensable but delicate operation.
  • Petrochemicals: To reduce the number of decoking operations. Operators in the petrochemicals industry must protect their steamcracking coils against the formation of coke and carbon monoxide. DMDS is the ideal sulfurous product for them. Dimethyl Disulfide can be added continuously to the raw materials to maintain an optimal sulfur level, making it possible to reduce the number of decoking operations. The secondary reactions to these operations are easier to control and the production cycles are lengthened.

DMDS is also used in various other sectors, including:

  • Fine chemicals, as chemical intermediate
  • Metallurgy for its anti-corrosion properties.

2. Could the customers get some samples?
We could offer samples within 7 days. We offer free samples to our VIP clients who are our old customers.

3. What kind of payment term you can accept?
1) We offer flexible payment terms for our dear customers. Normally we prefer payment by 30% T/T in advance and balance T/T against copy of shipping documents.
2) We also accept O/A 30-360 days payment subjected to your company supply your annual financial report and company registering documents, our finance department will study and reply you within 15 days.  
3) We also accept PayPal or credit cards for our customers' convenience
4) Payment or remittance from Kunlun bank is acceptable.

4. How can customer assure product’s quality?
1) We can send customer some sample for lab testing before placing an order.
2) We can supply the third party authentication according to our customers' requirement, such as free CIQ Inspection or charged SGS Inspection.
3) If customer’s credit has passed our Financial Department’s examine and verify, we can accept payment after cargo’s deliver or even 30-60 days Open Account from B/L date.