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Emergency First-Aid and Protection After Dimethyl Sulfate Poisoning


Rescuers poisoning should immediately be lifted away from the contaminated area, or for protection, taking off poison those who contaminated clothing, flush thoroughly with water or sodium bicarbonate solution of 2%~4% on its skin, its oxygen in time. Poisoning who eye dye HIV should in scene early with saline or water thoroughly cleaning, again with 5%~10% sodium bicarbonate solution flush, and antibiotics syrup alternating drops eye; on due to throat edema and asphyxia of poisoning who viable tracheal incision surgery, serious case can giving large dose can of pine class hormone; on respiratory secretion real increased who can injection small dose atropine, on bronchial spasm who available aminophylline, and different c base adrenaline, solutions zhijing agent. In addition, the patient using appropriate antibiotics should be given to control infection and, if necessary, be given a sedative. The observation of irritation at least 24-48 hours, poisoning the absolute bed rest, avoiding activities, but also warm and keep quiet, taking note of delayed poisoning effects from occurring.

Gas masks, protective clothing, and various military series of isolation masks on better protective effect of dms dimethyl sulfate. Rescue workers into the contaminated area scene not only respiratory protection, attention should also be good protection against skin.