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Poisonous Dimethyl Sulfate


Dimethyl sulfate is a highly toxic organic compound. Its appearance is colorless or yellowish liquid, with a green onion odor. Decompose slowly into sulfuric acid and methanol in cold water or alkaline water. When exposed to heat, flame, or oxidizing agent,dimethyl sulfate is a reagent that can make DNA methylation.

The toxicity of dimethyl sulfate is similar to that of mustard gas, which is also a potential carcinogen and mutagenic agent. It can be absorbed through the skin, mucosa and gastrointestinal tract, which has a strong stimulation effect on the eyes and upper respiratory tract, and has a strong corrosive effect on the skin. In addition, liver, kidney and myocardium can be damaged, skin contact can cause burns, blisters and deep necrosis. A small amount of dimethyl sulfate can be used for hydrolysis, such as ammonia, alkali metal hydroxide solution, etc., but the hydrolysis reaction can be very intense when a large amount of leakage occurs. Most scholars believe that is because the methyl properties of the material, it is hydrolyzed to methanol and sulfuric acid in the body and cause toxic effect, it has by animal experiment and fatal cases confirmed detection in the blood and viscera of methanol.

Dimethyl sulfate is generally used as methylation reagent,but because of its toxicity, the application scope of dimethyl sulfate is getting smaller and smaller. If you want to know more, you can consult us – ASCENT PETROCHEM HOLDINGS CO., LTD.