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The scene emergency measures


SKIN CONTACT: Immediately take off the polluted cloth, washing at least 15 minutes with plenty of liquid water, go to the hospital.

EYE CONTACT: Immediately filed an eyelid, washing at least 15 minutes with plenty of liquid water or normal saline, go to the hospital.

INHALATION: Quick leave scene to breathe some fresh air. Keep respiratory tract unobstructed. If breathe with difficulties, perform oxygen therapy. If lose ones breath, artificial respiration immediately. Go to the hospital.

INGESTION: Rinse your mouth with water, drink milk or egg white, and go to hospital.

Leakage processing and fire protection measures

Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated warehouse. Far away from fire and heat source. Temperature in warehouse is not exceeding 30and relative humility is not over 70. Keep container sealed tightly. Store with oxidant, alkali, edible chemicals separately, avoid mixing reservoir.

Equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment. Storage area should be equipped with emergency treatment equipment and appropriate leakage asylum materials. Must be strictly implement management system of extremely toxic substances.

Accidental Release Measures

Withdraw people from leak contaminated area to safe areas quickly and isolate 150 meters at once, strictly limited access. Cut off fire source. Recommend emergency response personnel wear self positive pressure respirator and chemical protective clothing. Dont contact leakage directly. Cut off the leakage source as far as possible. Prevent leakage flow into the sewer, human activities ditch and other limited space. A small leakage, absorb them with Sand, vermiculite or other inert materials. A large leakage, construct cofferdam or dig a hole to asylum. Cover with foam to reduce the vapor disaster. Pump to tank lorry or dedicated collector in recycling or shipped to the disposal of the waste places.