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Toxicity of Dimethyl Sulfate


Dimethyl sulfate is used as a chemical warfare agent during the first world war, its role is similar to corrosive mustard gas, alkylation is a powerful reagents, methylation reaction can make the body a variety of organizations, causes respiratory system, the nervous system and the liver, kidney, myocardial damage, have a delayed biological effects. Dimethyl sulfate on acute toxicity similar asphyxiant gas, 15 times times higher than chlorine. After the acute dimethyl sulfate poisoning can cause chromosomal aberrations, it has been classified as a human carcinogen. Dimethyl sulfate vapor main respiratory inhalation can also be absorbed through the skin. Low concentrations of dimethyl sulfate vapor can be irritating to eyes and respiratory tract Mucosa, high concentrations of dimethyl sulfate vapor may cause chemical pneumonia and toxic pulmonary edema. Dimethyl sulfate on the central nervous system excitement before inhibitory role of, if anyone in the concentration of 500 mg/m for 10 minutes to death. Dimethyl sulfate ester of methanol, sulfuric acid and the hydrolysis of intermediate products of methyl hydrogen sulfate can cause systemic poisoning. Dimethyl sulfate has strong corrosive to eye, upper respiratory tract and skin, it can cause conjunctiva hyperemia and edema, Epithelial Defects, so that part of trachea and bronchial epithelial cell necrosis, resulting in mediastinum or subcutaneous emphysema. In addition, after contact with skin can cause burns, blisters and depth of necrosis, contact allergic dermatitis.