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Item Index
Density 0.838
Refractive index(n20D) 1.452
Boiling point, 188-189 (lit.)
Flash point, 170
Purity, % 95.0

Packing & Storage

Packing 4 kg in steel drum. 100 g in glass bottle. 1 kg in glass bottle.
Storage 20℃, 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Dibutyl sulfide?

A: It is a colorless liquid with strong sulfur smell in high concentration and violet leaf aroma in high dilution. Insoluble in water,  but soluble in ether and ethanol. Naturally found in onion and garlic vegetables. It belongs to stimulating items.


Q: The operation precautions of  Dibutyl sulfide?

A: Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves and goggles or maskin operation. It is irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin, especially serious damage to eyes. Contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. After accidental contact with eyes, you should rinse immediately with plenty of running water and seek medical attention.


Q: The storage conditions and basic uses of Dibutyl sulfide?

A: It is often used as a flavor fragrance in daily life. You should keep the warehouse ventilated, low temperature and dry during storage.