DMS Presence in Wine

Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is a naturally occurring compound that can be found in various foods and beverages, including wine. It is produced during fermentation and is known to contribute to the aroma profile of certain wines. DMS is formed from the breakdown of precursor compounds known as S-methyl methionine (SMM) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). These […]

Know More Things About Methanesulfonic Acid

MSA Methanesulfonic Acid is a colorless liquid with the chemical formula CH3SO3H. It is the simplest of the alkylsulfonic acids. Salts and esters of methanesulfonic acid are known as mesylates. Methanesulfonic acid is used as an acid catalyst in organic reactions because it is non-volatile, strong acid that is soluble in organic solvents. Methanesulfonic acid […]

The Usage of DMDS Dimethyl Disulfide

(1) Oil hydrodesulfurization catalyst pre-curing agent; (2) When the decomposition of oil exposure to anti-coke additive; (3) Pesticide raw materials, production of the insecticide fenthion; (4) Industrial solvents; (5) The stench calibration object and spices which is our regulations allowed. Back

Dimethyl Disulfide’s Reactions

Important reactions include chlorination giving methanesulfenyl chloride (CH3SCl), methanesulfinyl chloride (CH3S(O)Cl), and methanesulfonyl chloride (CH3SO2Cl) as well as oxidation with hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid giving the thiosulfinate methyl methanethiosulfinate (CH3S(O)SCH3). Maybe you are also interested in our other products: dimethyl disulfide and dimethyl sulfate. Back

The scene emergency measures

SKIN CONTACT: Immediately take off the polluted cloth, washing at least 15 minutes with plenty of liquid water, go to the hospital. EYE CONTACT: Immediately filed an eyelid, washing at least 15 minutes with plenty of liquid water or normal saline, go to the hospital. INHALATION: Quick leave scene to breathe some fresh air. Keep […]

Emergency First-Aid and Protection After Dimethyl Sulfate Poisoning

Rescuers poisoning should immediately be lifted away from the contaminated area, or for protection, taking off poison those who contaminated clothing, flush thoroughly with water or sodium bicarbonate solution of 2%~4% on its skin, its oxygen in time. Poisoning who eye dye HIV should in scene early with saline or water thoroughly cleaning, again with […]

Poisonous Dimethyl Sulfate

Dimethyl sulfate is a highly toxic organic compound. Its appearance is colorless or yellowish liquid, with a green onion odor. Decompose slowly into sulfuric acid and methanol in cold water or alkaline water. When exposed to heat, flame, or oxidizing agent,dimethyl sulfate is a reagent that can make DNA methylation. The toxicity of dimethyl sulfate […]

Toxicity of Dimethyl Sulfate

Dimethyl sulfate is used as a chemical warfare agent during the first world war, its role is similar to corrosive mustard gas, alkylation is a powerful reagents, methylation reaction can make the body a variety of organizations, causes respiratory system, the nervous system and the liver, kidney, myocardial damage, have a delayed biological effects. Dimethyl […]